Ted's creation of the California Parlor Cars color scheme emphasizes the graceful body lines of the 743 coach body. It follows the curves incorporated into this design, and brings it all together using eye-pleasing, complimentary colors. Note how the painting, together with striping, brings out the depth designed into the body's wheel openings. The sloping front is nicely set off by the contrast between the white and the green colors used.

Closeups of special detail work are also included, below. Especially noteworthy is how the silver striping emphasizes the color borders, and how they compliment the body itself. For example, the effort put into this paintwork is evident in the wheels. Note how the striping was painstakingly applied inside the wheels themselves. (A closeup photo is included.)

Thumbnail Photos:

A picture perfect pose shows the result of the restoration effort

Closeup of right front wheel area.
Closeup of wheel hub area.
A side view of the 743 showing the graceful lines used in creating the California Parlor Car Tours livery
All the accessories have been added including details like the driver's spotlight
A rear view of the 743
A closeup shot of the completely restored rear drumhead
A closeup shot of the detail on the rear vent
Front profile of the 743
A left front-side profile
A closeup of the Destination Sign Area, and detail